A downloadable game for Windows

A fast paced parkour kind of game where the player has to reach the end cube (to get safe) before the room shrinks and squeezes the player!!

* Use W A S D To Move and Use Space to Jump

* Jump on to the wall and press W to enable Wall run

* Watch out for falling platforms!

* Collect the Blue orb to slow the world time

Good Luck! Have Fun!

Do watch our Gameplay if you are stuck anywhere or cannot do some stuff in the game.

Install instructions

Download the zip file and extract it to play the exe file


INERT Game.zip 61 MB


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Nice concept and Visuals,But need more polishing and levels.

greeeaaat game just u can wall run infinetly and the players starts wallrunning itself it were cool to check if the player is colliding with the wall and if he presses a or d depending on the side to wallrun and i relly enjoyed the music


Great game, i love the visuals and the wall run mech!!!


wishing u Good luck on your future projects :)

great visuals and and lighting keeps the game in soothing mind.. good job.. keep going.. :)

Remba perumaya irukke!

Great game!